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I help leaders eliminate costly blindspots, increase their influence, and empower others

Lead More, Manage Less


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Avoid being a leader who lacks important skills that are costly to their organizations


A lack of self-awareness can cut a team's chance of success by 50% according to research, while a self-aware leader increases therr chance of success.


Without empathy leaders lose their influence and trust, but with empathy leaders perform better in the areas of coaching, decision-making, and planning according to DDI research.


Leaders who lack self-regulation negatively impact their workplaces and cause costly turnover, but leaders who can self-regulate create health workplaces where people want to stay.

Conflict resolution

Poor conflict resolution skills by the leader create cultures of fear, insecurity, and drama, while good conflict resolution skills inspires growth and responsibility.  

Avoid being a leader who hinders success by becoming a leader who helps create success

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Coaching is an investment in you. 
Are you ready to make it?

As a leader, you are no stranger to putting in the work it takes to be successful. People rely on you to lead them toward success, and this means your investment in yourself matters greatly.

You’ve likely hired professionals like CPAs, financial advisors, and personal trainers to help you toward your goals. A coach is like a personal trainer fully focused on your psychology, leadership, and success.

With Ben Thompson as your coach, you are hiring someone with deep understanding of psychology who can help you take your leadership to the next level. As a result, this coaching relationship focuses on doing the work that you need to do in order to succeed, and will also build on the unique qualities you bring.

Schedule your intake call today and let’s get started on leveling up your most valuable resource—you. You have an opportunity to gain the skills and awareness to accelerate your growth. To schedule your free intake session, simply click below.

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