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This coaching for people who want to show up.

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When we don't show up we might be help back by these things

  • Communicating mixed messages that leave others confused and unsure about you​

  • Letting personal issues or biases get in the way of developing rapport

  • Reacting in ways (passively, aggressively, or passive-aggressively) that turn others off

  • Overtaking conversations and giving your unasked for wisdom

  • Avoiding conflict by some version of either shrinking or defending

These 5 behaviors are costing you business and personal relationships. I can coach you to increase your self-awareness and ability to respond to others in ways that will not only keep you from sabotaging yourself, but also increase your connection, influence, and attractiveness with others.

Developing your presence with a coach means you increase your awareness and ability to connect meaningfully with others, which will grow your relationships and your business. When we work together, we will clarify your goals, identify your tendencies, bring out your resources, learn how to utilize your emotions, and explore your shadows. Are you ready to have better relationships? Schedule an intake session today.


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