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Midlife is for breakthroughs, not breakdowns!

Turn any midlife anxiety, confusion, or fear into action, meaning, and purpose with Midlife Coach Ben Thompson

Book a free 20-minute call to see if coaching is right for you

Don't be held back by midlife anxiety, confusion, or fear--it's costing you!

  • Lack of understanding what drives you do keeps you from moving forward yourself, your career, and your relationships

  • Staying in a state of confusion keeps you from finding any meaning or purpose in your life or actions

  • Deciding to play it safe is stunting your growth and keeping you from pursuing your purpose


Coaching with Ben Thompson addresses all of these head on with an approach that has already helped thousands change their lives--Primal Question Coaching

Take the Primal Question Assessment today and find out what's driving you!

It's the first step in breaking through to midlife mastery

Working with a coach is easy

Schedule a intake call

In a 20-minute call, you and I will talk about how coaching can help you achieve your goals and discuss how you can get there

Set up appointments

In our weekly meetings we will work on breaking through what's holding you back and what you can do to break free to the live you want

Begin experiencing the life you've been craving

Be ready to experience change starting from the first session as you take on a new, intentional direction for your life--it won't be easy, but it will be worth it

Coaching is a major investment in you. 
Are you ready?

You can use this unique time in your life to grow, learn, and find more meaning and purpose than ever before, but it takes hard work. It means you have to step into life and face yourself with a willingness to explore it all. Most people avoid this journey and fill their lives with more distractions, short-term pleasure, and other fruitless pursuits. However, those who are willing to do the work and face life head on get to experience the transformative power of this stage of life.

You’ve likely hired professionals like CPAs, financial advisors, or personal trainers to show you the best way to take care of yourself. Why not hire a coach to show you how to greatly improve your life? 

Working with a coach is an investment in you. You are your most valuable resource, and if you are going to invest it you, you want something that will work. My Midlife Coaching Program combines the power Primal Question Coaching and one-on-one coaching to get to the roots of what is driving you. You're not messing around when you work with me, because we work on what can make the most impact in your life.

Without coaching, you will likely stay stuck wondering why you aren't growing or changing even though you say you want to. You’ll put all your efforts in the wrong areas and waste valuable energy and time. With a coach you’ll no longer be stuck with questions of why you can't change, and instead you'll have answers and actions to propel you forward. My prediction is you will probably wonder why you didn’t start earlier.

Schedule your intake call today and let’s get started on your most valuable resource, especially in midlfe—you. You have an opportunity to break through whatever's been holding you back. Are you ready to take it?

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